Washers and dishwashers plumbed in throughout Leeds

If you’re moving around your white goods and you want to relocate your washer, or if you’re adding a dishwasher to your kitchen or utility room, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got all the correct inflow and outflow pipes in place for your appliances to function correctly.

We can take a look at your current pipe work and make sure everything’s in place and configured properly, so that you can get your new appliance up and running right away!

Giving reliable, friendly service across Leeds

Normally, a washer will take a cold water supply and heat it, whereas a dishwasher will take a hot water supply. Once we’ve double-checked what your appliance requires, we’ll:

  • Check the distance to the supply and waste pipes
  • Tap into the current water supply
  • Split pipes and create new connection points if necessary
  • Install stop-cocks on inflow pipes for extra control
  • Connect inflow and outflow hoses
  • Test your white goods

A professional installer

When you call us to take care of your washer or dishwasher installation, you can relax knowing that all our plumbers are Gas Safe registered. We only offer the best standards and we never cut corners!

Speak to us today and we’ll have your washing machine or dishwasher in place in no time. Wherever you are in the Leeds area, just call 0113 370 9936.

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